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    Hi you might be interested in some poems by  colin leslie who is Australia’s leading erotic poet -his poetry has been archived by the National Library of Australia for being of cultural value



    "Gamahucher Press/colin leslie dean was selected for preservation by the National Library of Australia. This title is scheduled to be re-archived regularly. The publisher’s site may provide more current information.”

    You can view/download all his free poetry from\


    here is some of  his  Sufi/mystical  poetry  all free for view/download











  2. 59

    The Simplest Meet

    The simplest meet
    On the whitest of sheets ..
    The connection of bodies
    The enhancement of heartbeats
    You rise with me
    As my fingers press against your thighs
    And you pull on me
    As I lean in and leave bites
    Your body responds to me
    Goosebumps paint a trail
    Where my lips have traced
    And as I follow; your nails
    Sink in and embrace my skin
    I slide my tongue
    Up and down your soaked thong
    Your moans vibrate my insides
    Then I pull the material aside
    And take what belongs to me
    Your lips split
    And my tongue slips
    And as you cry out
    I hold you down and consume
    As you shout
    I spread your legs farther
    And resume
    My licks sounding louder
    As now only your whimpers echo the room
    I try to hold you still
    As you push harder against my face
    But I can’t keep you in place
    So I just allow you to move with my rhythm
    Move with the Rs that I’m rollin
    And the rush that I’m given
    From the sound of you callin my name
    Over and over again
    And I murmur yours too
    As you finally burst
    And I’m still quenchin my thirst
    Still lappin til you’re all dry
    Satisfied at your last sigh
    Then you say: I love you ..
    Umm ..
    The SIMPLEST meet
    On the whitest of sheets
    Lets not complicated
    With words; that exaggerated

  3. 14

    Girl - Part II

    Be a vampire and bite my neck
    drain my blood between your teeth
    imagine the drops creating the track
    of your sculpture and its sheath

    I will drink your sweat
    While my hands harvest your daisy
    don’t you dare to stop me in the halfway
    Actually, you might dare, it drives me crazy

                               On this road there are no cars nor lights
                     There is only a courageous tongue and a released zipper
                           For this delivery there is no time for deadlines
                      Just the beginning, the end, the receiver and the shipper

                          In this journey the coming back is the best part
                                 And paradise is the name of our gate
                                        This path won’t put us apart
                                       But instead, we’re used as bait

     I never thought that magic could happen between my thighs
    Neither thought there was in me so many implicit chills
    I did not see your wings opening the sky
    but I saw my tongue on your hills

    So girl, let me know
    which flavour has this cave
    Let me leave you with fever
    and be your rebel slave

  4. 33

    Underwater Love

    Let me feel you trembling in cold water
    Let me feel you sweating in hot water
    Let me slip my body in your lake
    Let me disturb your break

    Let me feel your sweat and the nature set
    Let me see how your hair looks when it’s wet
    Let my saliva destroy your reactions
    Let me increase the frequency of my actions

    Let me get drunk in your kiss
    Let me get drunk of bliss
    Let me feel the scratches on my back
    Let me be the victim of your attack

    Let me make love to you underwater
    Let me show you a sweet slaughter
    Let me feel your body floating gently
    Let me draw with my hands your curves intently

    Let me feel you trembling with tenderness
    Let me touch each member of your slenderness
    Let the electricity between our body destroy our doors
    but before it, make sure you let me hear
    You moaning saying that I am yours.

  5. 18

    Girl - First Part

    Your curves are torture to my eyes
     Your legs, the road I’d walk for miles
    Your voice teases my subtly desire
    …the sound of your stories and your smiles

    Your presence heats my spine
    Your dress floats, my jeans bungle
    I wanted to make you divine
    discover the place, explore the jungle

    Girl, I wanted to take you somewhere
    and tell you my surreal stories
    depict the world in your snare
    and give you a reveal of god’s inventories

    Just let me for a while feel you
    A move, glance, despair
    My mind has room for two
    and my skin could provide you your air

    And stunned, paralyzed, I wait for an answer
    while I find a quiet silence as expected
    Show me why to the moon you’re a dancer
    and let our lights get connected

    Climb my back, without question
    cross your legs around my bones
    Make this dream your obsession
    and this room one of your favorite zones

    Look me in the eye
    I’ll read the brightness you bring
    The moisture of your body will be the supply
    that will make me alive this spring

    Eat the flesh on my lips
    Dance with my tongue and enjoy the rate
    In the roof of my mouth you seek
    the angels of your fate


  6. 32

    The Waterwheel

    Water trickling

    water gurgling

    surging splashing

    sploshy burbling

    Wooden wheel

    tirelessly turning

    spun by cascading

    torrents churning

    O I’m such a naughty girl!

    On sunny days I love to take

    A whippy whacking rod

    One to make my bottom ache

    Naughty me, I’m quite undressed

    Soft lush grass, bare feet caressed

    A sunlit stroll, by gleaming brook

    Down to my secret spanking nook

    Passers-by would not believe

    What devious imagination first conceived

    Of harnessing pure water’s flow

    To whack naughty bottoms so

    I bend across the wooden bench

    And slot the cane into the post

    I feel it press upon my cheeks

    Then the bit I love the most

    On the wheel there is a peg

    It lifts the cane and makes it creak

    Up and up it bends until it slips

    Whacking back to make me squeak

    A short pause to catch my breath

    Cane upon my stinging cheeks

    The peg will soon be round again

    Do any ever hear my shrieks?

    My merciless water-powered imagination machine

    Whisks my mind away to waking dreams

    I imagine wrist and ankle stocks

    They place a rod across my bum

    Leaving me struggling against my locks

    My shouts receding as they walk away

    Leaving me at the mercy of the wheel

    Perhaps they’ll not return today

    Or I’m a naughty miller’s daughter

    Sent to the wheel, discovered wanking

    I’m disciplined by gushing water

    Returning home to show my spanking

    Afterwards I love to lie

    On the dewy riverbank under sky

    Damp grass soothing poor pink bum

    Slow filthy rubbing ‘til I come

    Mesmerised by the turning wheel

    I rub to the rhythm of the lifting cane

    Massaging deep within my crack

    Pleasure overwhelming pain

    O how it bends, and then whips back

    Where my bottom used to be

    My ears fill with an imagined thwack

    Until I’m swept away excitedly

    At night I listen to the rain

    A trillion raindrops fill my dreams

    Uniting… merging… surging…

    Into torrential bottom smacking streams

    [original posting]

    submitted by Spanking Theatre

  7. 51



    the heat rising from
    my skin was put there by you,
    are you satisfied? 

  8. 59



    if I tried to kiss you
    would you stop me?

    holding my face between
    your hands

    would you pull me in close
    and brace
    your mouth on mine

    part my lips
    with your tongue

    breathe me in

    taste my breath



    would a kiss be just the start

    would your hands slip
    down to my neck

  9. 94


    exploring her angles 
    like tangles in her hair
    flung everywhere
    just after a storm
    twists and knots
    they form
    like our veins
    and love gets quiet
    after it rains
    it’s complicated i know
    but the deeper it flows
    the more silent
    love becomes

  10. 9

    Your love is my lust

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